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We love pizza… and learning. Whether you prefer your pizza with a thick or thin base, with pineapple or olives; everyone who seeks to become the best version of themselves is welcome here. At Star Factory, learning is like a walk-through Jurassic Park but that’s because we believe in a methodology of teaching that is unique, exciting and constantly adventurous.

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We are a fully accredited training provider

We currently offer various learnerships in Management, Contact Centre Support, Hygiene and Cleaning learnerships. We are continuously evolving our training strategy and will continue to extend scope into various other avenues depending on needs and market trends.

We ensure innovation, new technology and the drive to reach further is the
foundation of our overall ethos.



The Star Factory is a fully accredited training provider with the Services SETA. Accreditation number 10047. We are fully B-BBEE Compliant.

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